Hello and welcome to our monster board game!

A classic dungeon setting is the backdrop as players assume the roles of tough hunters bound and determined to do three things: to defeat as many monsters as possible, to collect treasure, and to make it out unscathed.

Players become bona fide monster hunters as they delve into dungeons filled with beasts and obstacles. At the beginning of each session, players choose one of three game modes in which they will compete.

Treasure Hunt

Can you be the first to find and claim the treasure? Monster Hunters race against each other to be the first to collect the one and only treasure tile on the board. All players begin at the same starting point and move quickly to win both the treasure and the game. But watch out, not only do monsters and obstacles lie in wait to slow you down or turn you around, but your fellow hunters will be placing new monsters and traps throughout the game.

Monster Hunt

Can you confront and capture the most monsters? This version of the game starts with extra monsters and obstacles on the board and the hunters at various starting points. Gameplay ends when all of the monsters have been captured. Stay on your toes to overcome obstacles, and race the other hunters to confront the most monsters. The player with the most beastly trophies is the winner and ultimate monster hunter!

Dungeon Escape

Can you be the first to brave the dungeon and make it out? Monster Hunters all begin at one end of the dungeon and race to the other end to be the first to escape. Watch your step, because this version is loaded with monsters and obstacles to make an escape treacherous.

Monster Hunter Academy builds upon itself each month adding more monsters and options. This means that your family can enjoy continuous play that grows and changes just like your little hunter or huntress.

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